Turn to Us for Addiction Counseling and Treatment Services

Here at Magnolia House Counseling, we are committed to providing our clients with customized treatment programs that would help them overcome their chemical addiction. With more than six years of experience, we can walk you through your march towards sobriety.

Based in Alvin, TX, Magnolia House Counseling is a local private practice dedicated to treating those in need of chemical abuse counseling. We offer personalized treatment and addiction counseling sessions to our clients who have substance dependency disorders.

What We Do

With more than six years of experience, we are licensed and ready to help you as best as we can. We are committed to providing a comfortable environment and a judgment-free space where we offer one-on-one sessions to you and to all of our clients.

We will evaluate the extent of the issues that you may be experiencing, and we will custom-tailor each program to address your specific needs. Not only is this an individual journey, but it is also something that would change the lives of your close friends and family. We believe that your family and friends play vital roles in assisting you with the process to a healthier lifestyle.


Trust Us

If you are looking for a licensed chemical dependency counselor, count on us for customized treatment program plans to achieve full recovery. Our counseling office is open by appointment only. Contact us for more information.