Helping You Overcome Your Substance Addiction

Here at Magnolia House Counseling in Alvin, TX, we strive to see our clients have the best experience and have a successful journey. Our licensed chemical dependency counselor works closely with chemically dependent clients by providing them with the necessary emotional support. For more than six years, Teresa Lopez, LCDC has been helping people with substance abuse disorders overcome their conditions.

As a licensed counselor for clients who are addicted to chemicals and other substances, she will be your support system in your journey towards complete sobriety and recovery.

She has worked in inpatient detoxification, inpatient and outpatient treatments, therapeutic community programs, co-occurring disorders with mental health and substance abuse problems, and medicated assistant treatment, among others. She was also a former artist specialist in quilt design and a grade school teacher.

After working closely with physicians, psychiatrists, registered nurses, and other medical professionals, she gained extensive knowledge and skills in being an accomplished chemical dependency counselor.